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Congratulations!!!  You are reading at least one website about the journey to successful weight loss. 

As I am willing to submit more and more to what I know is right for my body, I am learning all sorts of things about many aspects of my life.  It is all connected: Obesity, dealing with emotions, depression, apathy, loss of spirituality, loss of creative, and many more...

What is great is that when improvements start in one arena, the others naturally get in line for a tune up.  Here is my commentary on the weight loss medications I am using.


Photo Journal with picture of our new bike accessory!


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Favorite Recipes 

bullet Weight Loss Drugs Discussion Board
bulletDotti's Weight Loss Zone

bulletStrawberry Cobbler
bulletBreakfast Burrito
bulletSausage Pizza


Progress Pictures

(Updated with a picture of my status after I've gained some weight.)




The Push-Up Challenge



Stuff I'm Working on for this page:

bulletFlylady modifications for my life
bulletFavorite Recipes
bulletPilates Information


To get back to the ballgame!!!



John's Halloween Costume!!!  It's inflatable... isn't he cute? You can click on the thumbnails for a bigger pic.

Current Scripture I am Studying

I'm currently reading a book about women mentoring other women and am truly enjoying it.  I will update this section as soon as possible.  I have so much to share since my last update.

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