Favorite Websites

bulletFlylady Home Organization
bulletI am married to a naturally organized husband. (He's an engineer!) This is the first time I've seen someone able to translate the kind of habits he has into information that messies like me can understand. Flylady has wonderful hints on how to organize your home so you can stop obsessing about it.
bulletThe Underground
bulletMy husband and I have a group of Engineer friends from college.  The core group, including my husband, lived in the basement of the dorms and constructed a computer network between their rooms unbeknownst to the hall director who happened by while they were running the cable along the pipes in the ceiling... You know those kinds of people turn out to be leaders.
bulletDotti's Weight Loss Zone
bulletShe lost her weight using weight watchers. Valuable information, lots of links, lots of inspiration.
bulletGood information and a discussion board for foster parents.  We even get some of our continuing education credits from there.
bulletVirtual Model
bulletThis is a very interesting (free) site that lets you built a model that looks like you.  When you are finished you can tweak little aspects about the model to make him/her look more like you.  What is really cool is to be able to change the model's weight and play around with different body sizes.  It's a lot of fun and can be really motivating.
bullet National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
bulletThis site provides lots of information to help you understand all those cholesterol numbers and other lab work information and what to do about them.
bulletBe a Pilot
bulletI would love to take flight lessons and become a pilot.  This is something that my husband and I are both interested in. 
bulletSmiley Dictionary
bulletThere's a whole world of emoticons out there!
bulletMazeguy's Smiley's




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