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I know that weight loss pictures inspire me.  It took a while to get the courage to post these.  I just think that it is so much easier to see the changes in the bathing suit.  So I am doing this for "Skinny Holly" and all the "Skinny You's" who need this kind of encouragement to make it.  I am posting actual weight and dress sizes to demonstrate how different weights can look on different people.  Certainly, not all people who weigh 220 lbs wear an 18. I started taking Xenical and Meridia in April 2002.


235 lbs 220 lbs 205 lbs
Dec. 2001 May 2002 June 2002
Size 20/22 Size 18 Size 14

195 lbs 185 lbs 174 lbs
July 2002 October 2002 November 2002
Size 12/14 Size 12 Size 12
  214.5 lbs  
  November 2003  
  Size 16  


I have started doing arm exercises.  I hope that by the next video, we will see a whole lot less sagging.  I know it's disgusting, but I have to document where I've been so I won't go back!

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Photo Journal -More Pictures only these include activities, things I've seen, pictures of me in regular clothing, and some of my friends!


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