My Push-Up Challenge Diary


I am challenging myself to do 25 "non-girl" push-ups by January 30th.  I will check in with a report and new video every Thursday.  Here is the thread from the discussion board where I took the challenge: Push Ups Anyone?  This is part of my goal to reduce the flab in my shrinking arms.


(Click on the picture to view)

Date Goal Achieved   Notes

12/17/02 None 3 This was the pretest. This is the first time I can ever remember being able to do a "proper" push-up.  I didn't realize how much you must actually use your stomach.  I guess the Pilates really are helping.
  1/2/02 5    
  1/9/02 10    
  1/16/02 15    
  1/23/02 20    
  1/30/02 25    




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